Different Methods in Wine Production: Conventional, Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wine

Different Methods in Wine Production: Conventional, Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wine

From past to present, conventional and traditional farming methods have been used. In addition, other methods that are popular today in wine production are: Organic Wine, Biodynamic Wine, Natural Wine.

 Organic Wine

 Organic wine is made from grapes produced in accordance with the principles of organic farming approved by countries and organizations and has a special regulation. However, it is seen that the definition of organic wine has changed from country to country.

 In the production of organic wines, synthetic, herbicides and pesticides such as mushrooms and pesticides are not used. In fermentation and bottling stage of wine, preservatives (sulphide) which extend the life of wine, are not used. In Europe and Canada, however, it is possible to add a certain amount of sulphide to red and white wines.

 Biodynamic Wine

 Biodynamic wine is a form of production introduced by the Austrian thinker Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s.

 During biodynamic wine production, making, planting, planting, fertilizing, hoeing, dismantling, harvesting, vintage, all the stages of production from A to Z are taken into account in addition to the cycle of the moon, as well as the location of the planets and the solar system. Therefore, all the biodynamic products are organic, but all organic products may not be biodynamic.

 The conformity of regulation of biodynamic products is certified. This certification is done by Demeter Association  of Demeter International following Steiner in 1928.

 Natural Wine

 The oldest known wine production method Natural Winemaking is the method which is made without adding less preservatives, less preservatives or chemical treatments according to the general preferences of the producers.

 There is no classification or standard for natural wine production. However, there are some organizations that help  to identify those who produce this type of production.

 Conventional Wine

 During conventional wine production, certain substances are used. Foam builders, colorants and preservatives come at the top of these substances.




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